Friday, 18 January 2013

Amarok 2.7 Finally Here!

In case you don't know it yet, we've just released Amarok 2.7! This release is called A Minor Tune, partially because the list of new features isn't pages-long (but you still get statistics synchronization and preliminary Nepomuk integration). But I believe it will be remembered for its level of polish and stability - many components like audio CD playback and file browser have been made much more solid, and the number of user-reported problems that were closed since 2.6 approaches stunning 500.

On the other hand, due to the lack of manpower there are still components that deserve much more love than they currently get. One such example is the MTP player plug-in, but don't fear, we (or I) have plans with it. Contributions in any form (patches being best) are of course more than welcome.


  1. Anand Radhakrishnan15 February 2013 at 18:37

    Hi - I was able to successfully use Amarok to manage my iPod Nano 4G(Transfer songs, album art work, sync ratings etc) after bit of tweaking based on your posts in KDE forum. (By generating Hashinfo file and updating Sysinfo file).

    I heard that you're the Amarok-iPod expert. I have a question - perhaps more related to KDE than Amarok. Anyways, will be glad if you have inputs on it.

    When i plug-in my iPod, the device notifier gives the following options -
    1. Open with Dolphin
    2. Download Photos with Gwenview
    3. Download Photos with DigiKam
    There is an iPod icon shown so system is detecting and identifying the device correctly. I suppose it is a valid use case to show media related actions for iPod. I am aware that one can add custom 'Device Actions' in KDE System Settings. Can you help me in configuring the device action "Manage with Amarok" for iPod device.
    How exactly do i specify that the device is iPod? Rather, how does KDE understand that the plugged-in device is an iPod?

  2. Hi, your iPod is falsely identified as a camera. This is most usally caused by misconfigured udev rules. See for background information and how to see if you're affected.

    In short, your udev rules are probably setting ID_MEDIA_PLAYER=1 for your iPod while they should've set ID_MEDIA_PLAYER=ipod. This depends on whether gphoto2 and/or libmtp is installed and on the order of udev rules, which is distribution specific. Once you find the root cause, you should file a bug against your distribution so that other users won't get the same problem.

  3. Anand Radhakrishnan26 February 2013 at 04:37

    Thanks much for your response. I shall check the issue basis your guidance and update.

  4. hi, is there any plan to merge amarok rates with nepomuk ones? i would like to have only one voting system, working for both amarok and nepomuk (e.g. rate a song in amarok and keep that vote in dolphin and viceversa).. thank you for your great work


  5. Yes, this and more will be provided by the Nepomuk collection, a technical preview of it is already in Amarok 2.7, at is will be improved greatly in A 2.8.

    After enabling Nepomuk collection and waiting for it to build itself, you can sync the ratings in from the Tools menu.

  6. ok, thank you very much and keep it up with this great work, to you and to all amarok team :-)